Shikizakura Episode 3: Release Date and Watch Online

Shikizakura Episode 3 is going to release on October 23, 2021. Fans are avidly waiting for new episodes to be released soon.

Shikizakura is an action-based sci-fi anime series that originated in Japan. It is based on a manga with the same name which was written by Hayato Aoki. The anime adaptation have been produced by Tomoyasu Nishimura. Shinya Sugai (Chief) and Gō Kurosaki are the directors of this popular anime. The series has received an order of 12 episodes that are released weekly starting from October 9, 2021.

Everything you need to know

The story revolves around Kakeru who is a strong supernatural creature that has to fight with the ominous Oni. Kakeru has been assigned the name ‘Yoroi” which means he has a powerful suite to fight and defeat the Oni. Kakeru is determined to save humanity and his planet from the attacks of Oni and to succeed in the task he plans on taking Oni’s horde. Kakeru must protect Oka Myojin, who is blessed with the ability to see the future.

The humans discover that there is a place known as Shikizakura that can protect them by bridging the gap between the two worlds and connecting them to the spiritual world. It is seen that as soon as humans became aware of this spiritual place, the weather of Shikizakura started blooming. This place will have a ceremony soon as it is the only place in the world that connects two worlds. It’s the only way to save humans.

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Shikizakura Episode 3

Shikizakura Episode 3 Release Date

It is going to release on October 23, 2021. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what will happen in the upcoming episodes. They must protect Oka as well as the only way to save humans is finding the “Shikizakura”. One has to stop and it will be fun to witness the fight between good and evil. There are just 2 more days left for new episodes to be released.


Where to watch?

You can stream it on ANIPLUS and HIDIVE. Fans from the UK, Asia, and other regions can watch it through Anime Digital Network and Bilibili TV.

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