Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 67: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 67 release date has not been announced yet. But, it is likely to launch soon. Fans are excited.

Max Level Hero Has Returned is a beloved isekai manga series from Japan. It comprises a blend of some very intriguing genres such as action, comedy, fantasy, and adventure. It captivates the audience in a fantastic tale wherein the central protagonist is put into a coma and then transported to some other realm. Altogether, it is a fantastic read with an incredible tale to explore.

Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 67

While some parts of the story may be a touch cliche and also quite typical, It is still worth a read for all the isekai fans, particularly the ones who adore masterpieces. Also known as The Max Level Hero Strikes Back, this stellar manga has been written by the exceptionally skilled Agmakkoli.

The illustration of the comic has been done very elegantly by Yudo. The entire design and detailing of the artwork with a focus on the expressions and gestures of the characters is like icing on the cake. Owing to its increasing popularity and fan base, the manga has also been translated into languages like English and Korean for audiences around the world.

About the Plot

Prince Davey is deceived as well as wounded in the back using an arrow laced with poison. As a result, he slips into a coma. Prince Davey inevitably arrives in the world of the divine beings, wherein he spends close to a thousand years learning all that the gods can teach him. When he returns, he intends to exact vengeance on those who have misled him.

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Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 67

Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 67 Release Date

The upcoming chapter of Max Level Hero Has Returned, chapter 67, is going to release soon. The official release date is not confirmed till now. However, the launch date is just around the corner. The fans of the manga seem to be quite excited and elated to read the new chapter.

Where to Read

You can read the latest and upcoming chapters of Max Level Hero Has Returned exclusively on Tapas.

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