Irresistible Episode 7: Release Date and Watch Online

Irresistible Episode 7 is going to hit the screens on Friday, October 25. Fans are curious to know what happens next in the show.

The Thai drama was written by Ping Lumpraploeng and directed by Golf Tanwarin Sukkhapisit. The show has been in buzz after its first release and the hype is worth it. The other names for Irresistible are “. Tainted Love”, “Revenge’s Fury”, and “ Roi Rak Raeng Khaen”.

About the Series:

The show gives romance and melodrama mixture. The show has engaged the fans with an excellent plotline and we can’t get enough of that. The drama series has been adapted from the novel titled “ Mia Nok Hua Jai”. The show aired its first episode on 4th October 2021. It has a total of 10 episodes and every Monday and Tues new episodes are released.

The story revolves around Khan and Mookarin who are engaged and are soon to toe a knot but things don’t go as planned. The sister of Khan, Mon is murdered and all the doubts go on Mookarin’s brother. Tada, Mon’s husband was found not guilty by the court with Mookarin taking the stand as her brother’s alibi, and Mon’s death was ruled out. The actions of Mookarin and Tada left Kimhan furious.

If the law could not punish Tada, he will do it by himself. Khan swore to chastise his sister’s death by himself which led to calling off the wedding. Although Mookarin and Kimhan still have a love for each other their emotion started taking a bigger image of conflicts, hate, and revenge. With the battle process going on through, it became a mess of emotions.

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Irresistible Episode 7

Irresistible Episode 7 Release Date:

Irresistible Episode 7 is going to release on Monday, October 25. New episodes air every Monday and Tuesday.

Where to watch it Online?

You can watch it online on different websites like Kissasians and Dramacool.

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