Monster 8 Chapter 48: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Monster 8 Chapter 48 is scheduled to release on Thursday, October 21, 2021. Fans are excited to read the latest chapters.

Monster 8 is a Japanese science-fantasy manga series published by Shueisha. It is written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto. All chapters of the series are free on Shueisha’s Manga Plus app and website. It is also available on the Viz Media app and website.

This series was nominated for the 14th Manga Taisho in 2021 and placed 6th with 58 points. It has also won the 2021 Next Manga Award in the web category. As of February 2021, the series has reached 70 million views. It is one of the fastest-growing manga series.

About Monster 8

The story takes place in Japan. Strange monsters known as Kaiju are appearing all around Japan and attacking people. Japan’s Defense force fights monsters at the risk of their lives to save civilians. Kafka Hibino is a sweeper at Monster Sweeper Inc. When he was very young, his town was destroyed by kaiju. He and his childhood friend Mina Ashiro vowed to join the defense force.

Mina becomes a successful commander of the third unit of the Japan Defense Force. Kafka fails the entrance exam several times and ends up being a sweeper at Monster Sweeper Inc. which is far from his dream. One day a small monster fly enters his body through his mouth and he gains the ability to transform himself into a humanoid monster.

Kafka becomes one of the most powerful humanoid monsters. He could easily overpower other monsters. A sudden rule change gives him a chance to join Japan Defense Force. His code name is Monster #8. His fight is not just with monsters but also with himself. He is afraid that he might lose control and hurt his friends.

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Monster 8 Chapter 48 Release Date

It is scheduled to release on Thursday, October 21, 2021. A new chapter is coming within just 5 days. Fans are eagerly waiting for the latest chapter.

Monster 8 Chapter 48

Where to Read Online

You can read it online on Shueisha’s Manga Plus app and website. You can also read it on Viz.

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