86 Season 2 Episode 3: Release Date and Watch Online

86 Season 2 Episode 3 is expected to release on October 17, 2021. You can watch all episodes of 86 on Crunchyroll and iQuiyi. Fans are excited.

About 86

86 is a Japanese science fiction light novel series written by Asato Asato and illustrated by Shirabii. It began publication by ASCII Media Works under their Dengeki Bunko imprint in February 2017. An anime television series adaptation by A-1 Pictures premiered in April 2021.

86 Season 2 Episode 3

The story takes place in the Republic of San Magnolia, in the Stellar Year 2148. The Republic of San Magnolia and the Empire of Giad coexisted peacefully for years. To expand its territory, the Empire of Giad started attacking its neighbors. War broke out between the two countries. Initially, the Republic suffered devastating losses to Legions Giadian AI drone army. District 86 is home to the Colorata minority community. the Alba-supremacist government considers them as subhumans.

In this episode, we will see Shin and his friend’s training in the special military academy. Shin will demonstrate his extraordinary skills and experience, he has survived harsh battlefields and bloody thirst predators of the Spearhead Squadron. On the other hand, Lena is planning to gather more information about his lost partners on the battlefield. It remains to be seen what twists and turns take place as the story progresses.

86 Season 2 Episode 3: Release Date

This series has gained a lot of popularity and the fans are curiously waiting for the release of the next episode. Well, the wait is almost over as it is expected to release on 17 October 2021. This is a must-read manga for all the science fiction lovers out there. The genre of the series is Mecha, military science fiction, and romance.

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86 Season 2 Episode 3

Where to Watch?

You can watch all the episodes of 86 on Crunchyroll and iQuiyi.

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