Monster 8 Chapter 48: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Monster 8 Chapter 48 is expected to be released on October 21, 2021. Readers are avidly waiting for the new chapters to be released.

Monster 8 is an English-translated version of Kaiju No. 8. It is a sci-fi manga series that has its origin in Japan. Naoya Matsumoto is the writer and the illustrator of Monster 8. As of now, there are a total of 4 volumes that have been published by Shueisha in Shōnen Jump+. Fans have garnered their love and affection for this manga since day 1. It has been translated into English by Shueisha on Manga plus website and application.


Everything you need to know

The plot revolves around the monsters that are known as Kaiju. They are attacking different places in Japan. A Japanese defense force helps the city from being destroyed by these monsters. Kafka Hibino always dreamed of joining the force since his childhood but he never succeeded. Now he works in a cleaning crew that takes care of the bodies of the dead monsters. One day a monster files into his mouth changing him into a monster.

Kafka, who came to be known as Monster 8 is considered to be the strongest monster of all. Although he never gets trapped, a member of the defense unit believes that Kafka always wanted to join the force and there is a slight chance that somewhere deep down if he is still the same Kafka he would help the defense force. Isho thinks if they can bring one of the strongest Monsters on their side, they can save the city.

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Monster 8 Chapter 48

Monster 8 Chapter 48 Release Date

It is going to release on October 21, 2021. We all are waiting for the new chapters to be released soon. It will be fun to witness Kafka’s struggle in helping the defense force unit. No matter what happens, one thing that is for sure is we are gonna have a lot of entertainment with the upcoming chapter. Well, the countdown begins and there are just 8 days left for us to dive into the adventures and actions of Monster 8.

Monster 8 Chapter 48

Where to read?

You can read it for free on VIZ’s official website and Shueisha’s Manga plus website and application.

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