March Comes in Like a Lion Chapter 186: Release Date and Read Manga Online

March Comes in Like a Lion Chapter 186 is expected to release soon this week. Viewers are really amazed and excited for the manga.

March Comes in like a Lion is a Japanese Manga is series written and illustrated by Chica Umino. It has been serialized in Hakusensha’s seinen manga magazine Young Animal since July 2007, with its chapters collected in sixteen tankobon volumes as of September 2021.

An anime television series adapted by Shaft, aired on NHK G. The English dubbed version was released in four parts by Aniplex of America.

About March Comes in like a Lion 

It centers the life of Rei Kiriyama, a 17 year old, an introvert and professional shogi player, who develops his play and his relationship with others, especially the Kawamoto sisters. He is alienate from his family. As a result of traumatic childhood, he has many emotional scars, as he was bullied at school and in the neighborhood. After his parents and younger sister died in an accident in his childhood, he was taken care of by his father’s friend Koda.

March Comes in Like a Lion Chapter 186

Reaching adulthood, he decided to leave home, due to feeling guilty and move to Tokyo to live alone. After his arrival in Tokyo, Rei meets Akari, Hinata and Momo Kawamoto, a trio of sisters living with their grandfather. However, he has desire to attend school, so he later joined a high school after one year delay.

March Comes in Like a Lion Chapter 186 Release Date 

This Japanese manga series is mainly about coming-of-age and romance, that attracted the viewers most. It is one of the most popular manga among the readers. It is getting so much famous within the premier of just few chapters. Here the wait is over for the fans and countdown starts as only few days are left. So March Comes in like a Lion Chapter 186 is more likely to premiere soon this week.

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March Comes in Like a Lion Chapter 186

Read Manga Online 

The manga is available for reading on Young Animal Manga Magazine. You can also catch it up on MangaFreak and MangaJar.

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