Apotheosis Chapter 826: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Apotheosis Chapter 826 is not declared yet, it is most likely to be released in October 2021 itself. Fans are excited about it!!

Apotheosis is the process of being elevated to the rank of a deity. Luo Zheng, now a lowly slave, was born into a rich household as the oldest son. He can now only be trodden on by others due to his family’s downfall and the kidnapping of his sister by a great entity. An old book left by his father discloses a heavenly method that bestows enormous power on the reader! This is a battle against the odds.

Zheng is the “young master” since he is the sole son of the Luo clan’s previous leader. His father died, and the major Lou family, Zheng’s branch, has disintegrated, it is revealed. The second branch has been taken over by the other families. Zheng has been a punching bag for the rest of the Luo family for two years, according to the manhua’s introduction.


About the Series:

In the series, we see that as Zheng awakens, he mumbles something about the “Ancient Refining Method” and his body being a magical weapon: “Rinse thy body and convert it into natural energy, with flesh as the channel, with one’s self as the soul, fully manipulated.” When he looks inside, he discovers a cauldron with nine dragons etched into it.

The black flame within the cauldron ignites and burns Zheng, yet his physical form has been purified, tempered, rather than annihilated. Later we see in the chapters that he quickly discovers that each blow he takes from beatings does not truly harm him and that the energy is now perceived as warmth coursing throughout his body. This transformation boosts his body’s toughness and improves his body cultivation level.

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Zheng was challenged by Luo Cheng Yun, Zheng’s cousin and the eldest son of the 3rd branch. Cheng Yun’s blows were the hardest he’d ever taken, but they had no impact. Zheng quickly overcame him and attempted to flee in accordance with the regulations.

Apotheosis Chapter 826

Apotheosis Chapter 826 Release Date:

Although the release date for the famous series is not declared yet, it is most likely to be released in October 2021 itself.

Where to Read It Online

This series may be found on Comixology, VIZ Manga, Shonen Jump, Crunchyroll, and Book Walker. It is easily accessible on the internet!!

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