Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26: Release Date and Watch Online

Kingdom season 3 episode 26 is now all set to release on 17th October 2021. You can watch the episode on Funimation when it will release.

The kingdom is basically a Japanese manga series that is written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. The franchise is started its journey in 2006 as a manga, but with time the series gets successful, and in 2012 it started an anime television series.

The anime series is also based on the same story and concept and the writer of the anime is also Yasuhisa Hara. The main directors of this anime are Jun Kamiya, Akira Iwanaga, and Kenichi Imaizumi. Besides this, here we see Izumi Nakazawa, Mirai Miyamoto, Ryōsuke Hagiwara, Ryōsuke Mori, and many more as the director in the different time span of the series.

Kingdom season 3 episode 26

The Plot of Kingdom Anime Series

The Kingdom series is basically based on the epic historical concept. The anime is started on 4th June 2012 and till now completed 2 seasons. The third season is now going on and in this season already 25 episodes had been released. If we talk about the gist of the anime then we find that the series is set in the Warring State period of ancient China. Here we focus on two main characters of the series and they are Xin and Piao. They are basically war-affected and war-orphan too.

Though they are not very lucky and not financially very well, they dream to become great generals of heaven. They are working in a village in the Kingdom of Qin. And side by side they prepare themselves for their target. One day a minister called Piao to an unknown village and from here the whole story takes a new way that completely changes their lives.

Kingdom season 3 episode 26 Release Date

It will officially release on 17th October 2021.

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Kingdom season 3 episode 26

Where to Watch?

You can watch this episode on Funimation. For this, you may need a subscription to it.

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