Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 is going to release on October 13, 2021. Readers are avidly waiting for new chapters to be released.

Tokyo Revengers is a sci-fi manga series that originated in Japan. It is know for it’s action and thrills. Ken Wakui is the writer and the illustrator of this popular manga. The series was first released on March 1, 2017 by Kodansha in Weekly Shōnen Magazine. There are a total of 24 volumes that have been released. Because of it’s sheer popularity, Tokyo Revengers also has an anime adaptation Directed by Koichi Hatsumi.

What happened in the previous chapters?

In the previous chapter, we see Mikey arriving at the place where the battle was about to take place. Takeomi’s scream about Draken’s death can be heard from everywhere and when Mikey reaches the place, Takemichi wonders whether or not he knows about Draken. The Kanto Manji Gang also arrive at the place and this meant that the war will begin soon among the three gangs. South wanted to begin the war as soon as possible.

Takeomi is hard to be dealt with and wants to take revenge with the South. Takemichi consoles her and Senju, on the other hand, tries to put an end to this war. Amidst all this, Mikey appears rather calm and that is when Takemichi realizes, Mikey has no idea about Draken. South, Kakucho, and the Haitani brothers are seen approaching for the Brahmans. Wakasa orders Senju not to get himself involve and leaves with Benkei.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 Release Date

It is going to release on October 13, 2021. The raw scans will be available on October 12, 2021. We all are excited to witness the the fight between these three deities. Wakasa, Benkei and South is now on the verge of ending the war with one of them emerging as an ultimate victor. There are just 3 more days left for the new chapters to be released soon.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226

Where to read?

You can read it on Kodansha Website as well as on the Mangamo app.

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