Martial Peak Chapter 1577: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Martial Peak Chapter 1577 has been released on October 10, 2021. Fans are excited to read the latest chapters of the manga.

Martial Peak is a Chinese action, adventure, martial arts manga series. It is written by Momo and illustrated by Pikapi. The manga is based on Momo’s novel series of the same name.

It is one of the most popular action manga series. It is the most viewed manga on Disaster Scans and Manhua Plus. As of October 2021, the manga has reached 58.3 million views on Disaster Scans and 43.6 million views on Manhua Plus.


About Martial Peak

It follows Yang Kai’s journey to the top of the Martial World. Yang Kai is a Trial Disciple of the High Heaven Pavilion. Due to a birth defect, Kai is unable to practice Martial Arts. One day he finds a magical black book. Moved by Kai’s passion for martial art, a golden skeleton comes from the book and enters into his body. It fixes his birth defect.

When a mysterious small world opens up near the High Heaven Pavilion, its disciples enter it to receive the inheritance of ancient cultivators. Kai receives a Dragon-related inheritance. Another talented disciple Su Yan receives a Phoenix-related inheritance. They perform a unification act which not only enhances their strength but also establishes them as lovers.

Martial Peak Chapter 1577

In this journey to the top of the Martial World, Yang Kai faces many difficulties and keeps going. He survives and becomes one of the most talented cultivators. Martial Peak is all about his long and lonely journey.

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Martial Peak Chapter 1577 Release Date

It has been released on October 10, 2021. Fans are very excited to read the chapter. It is the most read manga on several online platforms. The original novel has 6009 chapters and there are fans who have read all those chapters. It says a lot about how interesting the storyline is.

Martial Peak Chapter 1577

Where to Read Online

You can read it online on Manhua Plus, Manga Clash, and Disaster Scans. If you want to read the novel, you can read it at the official website of Wuxia.

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