Second Life Ranker Chapter 101: Release Date And Read Manga Online

Second Life Ranker Chapter 101 will be releasing on 1st October 2021, Friday. Fans are very excited about the release of the chapter!!

In the series, about five years ago, Yeon-twin woo’s brother vanished, only for his pocket watch to come into Yeon-hands. woo’s Yeon-woo discovered a journal concealed within. Obelisk, the Sun God’s Tower, is a realm where several worlds and dimensions collide. Yeon-brother woo’s died after being deceived while climbing the Tower, and after discovering the truth, Yeon-woo determined to climb the tower using his brother’s journal.

Cha Yeon-woo is the main character of Second Life Ranker, a Korean Web Novel and Web Comic. He served in the army before joining the Obelisk and subsequently proceeded to seek vengeance for his younger twin brother. After obtaining the abilities from Cha Jeong-pocket woo’s watch, Yeon-woo became a ‘Player’ and reawakened as a human gifted with the dragon lineage.


Recap of Chapter 100:

In the last chapter, we see that, the ground where the universe’s oneness and magnificence meet is the Obelisk, the Solar God’s Tower. His brother had contracted treachery while climbing a tower in this nation. Yeon-woo chose to climb a tower close to his brother’s journal after discovering the truth. Yeon-woo then went through the same hardship and fight as his younger brother, who played an unidentified character.

What is his objective? Take control of the Obelisk Tower and exact vengeance on his brother. Also in the series, after All-For-One and Nayu Ismenios, popularly known as the “Summer Queen,” is the third most powerful person in the Tower. She’s also the creator and head of Red Dragon, the Tower’s most powerful clan. You can find the official spoilers for this chapter 101 on the Tapas.io Official Website.

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Second Life Ranker Chapter 101

Second Life Ranker Chapter 101 Release Date:

The famous series will be released on 1st October 2021, Friday. More of its chapters are about to release this month itself!!

Where to Read Online

You can find the official spoilers for this chapter 101 on the Tapas.io Official Website. Also, you can read the chapter on Manga Plus App that can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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