Overgeared Chapter 100: Release Date And Read Manga Online

Overgeared Chapter 100 is all set to release on 8th October 2021, Friday at midnight Korean time. Fans are very excited about the release of the chapter!

Park Saenal’s bilingual manhua series has a worldwide following. Many people’s attention has recently been drawn to the current arc of the Overgeared manhwa story. Officials revealed the names of the semi-finalists. Regas, Pon, Greed, and Bubat are the remaining participants in the tournament. The remainder of the three players, except for Greed, are members of the Tzedakah Guild.

Park Saenal’s Korean book Overgeared has been turned into a manhua/manga by Silverbin and HABAN. Shin Youngwoo has had bad luck in life and is now forced to carry bricks on building sites. In the VR game Satisfy, he even had to perform labor. But, despite his misfortunes, luck will soon come into his life.

His character, ‘Grid,’ would go on a journey to the Northern End Cave, where he would locate ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and gain Legendary Class Player status.


About the Series:

In the series, Fans may also look forward to the much-anticipated harem that the filmmakers keep mentioning. Greed will later return home with the winner’s medal. The regular people of Baren will greet the champions with open arms. Jishuka and Yura will be awarded tokens from the civilians in Overgeared Chapter 100. Furthermore, Greed will be the center of attention as the enigmatic Pagma’s replacement.

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Later in the chapter, Greed was irritated to see the demonic cat he brought to the tournament in the 99th chapter of the Overgeared manga. Memphis was the best pet he could think of, he informed Jishuka (demonic creatures). However, the Pet Marathon began before he could act, and all of the Wyverns rushed to the summit of Chinese Mountain.

Only Noe, Greed’s cat, and Zibal’s dragon were unable to fly. Zibal watched patiently while Greed fought to make Noe fly. But as soon as Noe placed eyes on Zibal’s wyvern, it rushed to devour the dragon.

Overgeared Chapter 100

Overgeared Chapter 100 Release Date:

The famous manga series is all set to release on 8th October 2021, Friday at midnight Korean time.

Where to Read it Online

Tapas.io is the official publisher of the series, therefore you should read the manhwa there. They are, however, much behind the Korean release, with just 70 or so chapters in English. Another website where you can also find the most recent updated chapters on ManhwaBookShelf.com.

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