Eleceed Chapter 162: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Eleceed Chapter 162 is expected to be released around October 15, 2021. Readers are waiting avidly for new chapters to be released soon.

Eleceed is a comedy manga series that originated in Korea. Son-Je-Ho and ZHENA are the writers and the illustrator of this popular manga. The first chapter of Eleceed was released on October 2, 2018, on the Korean Naver Website and since then it has been loved and cherished by millions of people. Because of its huge popularity, it is published on both Naver Webtoon in the Korean language as well as on Webtoon in the English language.


What happened in the previous episodes?

The strongest awakeners from the World Awakener Academy arrived in South Korea to defeat the student’s South Korean academy. But to their utter shock, in the duel between the Jiwoo and Duke Grayne, Jiwoo used the new technique that he learned from Han Sungik. The technique made Jiwoo’s attack more powerful which ultimately meant he was the only one left standing in front of the World’s strongest awakeners.

Now that the students as well as the instructors of the World Awakener Academy as humiliated, we can expect them to take revenge. As we have seen in the end that a new character is shown, and we can see that she has a powerful place over the World Awakener Academy, she might be planning to seek revenge. She was also looking at Iseul and her pet dog maybe she will choose them as her target.

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Eleceed Chapter 162

Eleceed Chapter 162 Release Date

It is expected to release around October 15, 2021. We all are excited to see Jiwoo and Sungik’s developing relationship. Then another question that fans are waiting to be answered for the upcoming chapter is whether Jiwoo will replace Kayden as his mentor. No matter what happens, one thing for sure is Sungik will teach Jiwoo more techniques. Well, there are just 8 days left for the new chapters to release.

Eleceed Chapter 162

Where to read?

You can read it on Naver and Webtoon’s website.

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