True Beauty Chapter 167: Release Date and Read Manga Online

True Beauty Chapter 167 release date has not been confirmed or revealed till now. However, it is expected to release in the next couple of weeks.

True Beauty is one of the rarest feel-good kinds of mangas that have the potential to garner a large chunk of followers based on its pertinent and flawless concept. The story of True Beauty is not something you have not heard before but the way it has been depicted and conveyed is definitely commendable. It deals with a wide range of genres such as humor, romance, as well as drama.

True Beauty Chapter 167

It is a lighthearted comic addressing the set standards of beauty, unrealistic expectations from women, and societal preconceptions. This is where True Beauty stands out as compared to other mangas. It is different and equally relevant in today’s world because it gives out such an important and beautiful social message to all the fans and readers.

Originating from South Korea, True Beauty has been written and illustrated by the well-known author, Yaongyi. It is published in the English language by Young Com and Naver. The characters in this coming-of-age manga are very powerful and likable. The beautiful artwork is another big plus point for True Beauty.

About the Story

A simple girl studying in high school wants to learn the art of applying makeup so as to be much more conventionally & outwardly beautiful. She takes this step to escape that reputation she received in high school for being unattractive.

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True Beauty Chapter 167

She is intent on keeping her bare makeup look hidden from anyone on campus. However, things get out of hand when school’s cutest guy discovers her and they become mates.

True Beauty Chapter 167 Release Date

The release date of the upcoming chapter from True Beauty has not been announced yet. However, we can expect it to release in the coming weeks. Fans are elated.


Where to read

You can read the latest and upcoming chapters of the manga exclusively on Webtoon.

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