Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 is slated to release next week, on October 13, 2021. The fans are earnestly awaiting and looking forward to the release.

Tokyo Revengers is a prominent manga series from Japan that was first published in March of 2017. In these four significant years, the series has become so successful with only a few volumes, that as a result, it has currently spawned a new edition.

Tokyo Manji Revengers is another name for this stellar manga. Wakui Ken authored and illustrated this action-drama comic. It’s a lot of fun to read and also has a wonderful narrative that leaves the audience intrigued with unexpected twists and surprises.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226

You definitely should read the previous chapters of Tokyo Revengers to make sure you enjoy the upcoming chapters, as this amazing manga is progressively turning into a highly intriguing and entertaining one. Tokyo Revengers is published by Kodansha in Japanese. It is published in the English language by Kodansha USA (digital).

Firstly, the main characters of Tokyo Revengers have been depicted with much more intensity and fierceness. It is surely one of the best things that Tokyo Revengers has to offer. Secondly, the artwork by Ken Wakui is next-level. It is so detailed and equally attractive for the readers. Some other genres that Tokyo Revengers encompasses include science fiction and Yanki.

About the Storyline

Takemichi, a twenty-six-year-old unemployed boy living in Tokyo, discovers that the lady he loved in junior high, and the only girl he has ever dated, suddenly passed away. Eventually, following an accident, Takemichi gets himself inside a time warp that transports him again into his school period.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226

Takemichi vows to fix the destiny and prevent the unfortunate from happening in the future again. He wants to save the girl by rising to the head of the Kantou town’s strongest as well as vicious criminal organization.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 Release Date

The upcoming chapter of Tokyo revengers is just around the corner. It releases on October 13, 2021. The fans are very elated to read it soon.


Where to read

This chapter will be available on the official website of the Tokyo Revengers as well as on Kodansha.

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