Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225: Release Date And Read Manga Online

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 is about to be released on 6th October 2021. The fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this chapter. 

The Tokyo Revengers manga series is written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine has been serializing it since March 2017. Liden Films aired an anime television series adaptation from April to September 2021.

Japanese live-action adaptations were released in July 2021. Approximately 40 million copies of the manga were in circulation as of September 2021. Kodansha Manga Award for Shonen won the 44th edition in 2020 for the manga.


Recap of Tokyo Revenger chapter 224 

Takeomi asks Senju if Draken was shot while he was listening to Takemichi in the last chapter. Takeomi asks how she learned about the event. Takeomi says the s-word when he realizes Senju has him. Takemichi is still in disbelief over what took place while Senju is interrogating Takeomi. Rokuhara Tandai must be reimbursed, Takeomi replies. Then Bekei and his group show up and Senju wonders why Takeomi would say that.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225

I believe that this is the right time to act. Takeomi is adamant. The situation did not suit Senju at the time. It won’t be possible to act without taking action because Draken was slain. The fighter reminds Senju that this is not a contest for first place but a bloodbath.



Fans can expect to witness the final battle between the Brahman Gang and Rokuhara Tandai in the upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers. Takemichi and Senju were attacked by the South and the rest of Tandai during the last battle. The group has now gathered together. Mikey’s bike was also delivered to Takemichi by the chapter’s end. The most likely explanation is that Mikey brought his fellow Brahman Gang members along with him.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225

Chapter 225 of Tokyo Revengers will finally see the war started. A sight of Draken will most likely cause Mikey to lose control. Therefore, he will blindly charge Rokuhara Tandai. Additionally, Takemichi might not come to his senses again. Senju will therefore protect him from gunshots and attacks. Senju’s vision that she would sacrifice herself, as envisioned by Takemichi, may also become a reality. Next time they go out, she may use a gunshot to save Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 Release Date

It is about to be released on 6th October 2021

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225

Where to read the manga?

The official Tokyo Revengers website is currently unavailable, but new chapters will be released every week on other websites. From the Apple and Google Play stores, you can download the Manga Plus app in order to read it.

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