Lore Olympus Chapter 179: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Lore Olympus Chapter 179 is expected to release on this week. Readers are eagerly waiting for a new chapter of this manga. But the wait is over.

Lore Olympus is a romance webcomic created by New Zealand artist Rachel Smythe. It began publishing weekly on the platform Webtoon. Lore Olympus is currently the most popular comic on Webtoon, as of January 2020, it had 299 million views. The comic has been nominated for an Eisner Award and a Ringo Award. The comic is a modern retelling of the relationship between the Greek goddess and god Persephone and Hades.

More About Lore Olympus 

Lore Olympus is an adaptation of the classic Greek myth, ‘The Abduction of Persephone’ in a mostly modern setting. The webcomic includes modern technology such as smartphones, sports cars, and tabloids. The comic deals with strong themes of rape, harassment, abuse, and trauma. The story begins with Hades attending a party of Zeus’s after his partner Minthe breaks up with him. Hades takes notice of Persephone and comments to his brothers, Zeus, and Poseidon that Persephone’s beauty rivals that of Aphrodite.

Lore Olympus Chapter 179

In this chapter, Hades and Persephone both express an interest in each other but Persephone still struggles with his relationship due to the earlier plot, as she was raped by Apollo. She also struggles with her current association of being a prospective member. It also includes Persephone seeking Hade’s help to bring back friends who died.

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Lore Olympus Chapter 179 Release Date 

This series is getting so much popular among the viewers. The series includes abuse, harassment, and trauma. It received huge popularity within the premier of just a few chapters. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the next chapters. Here the countdown starts as only a few days are left in the release of Chapter 179. So it is going to premiere soon this week.

Lore Olympus Chapter 179

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