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Blue Period Chapter 47 official release date is not yet announced. Fans are eagerly waiting for new chapters and we can expect them to be released.

Blue Period is a Coming-of-age manga series that originated in Japan. Tsubasa Yamaguchi is the writer and illustrator of this fascinating manga series. It was first published in June 2017 by Kodansha USA and has been on run since then. There are a total of 11 volumes released till now and we will be expecting more volumes to be released soon. This manga also has its anime adaptation directed by Koji Masunari and Katsuya Asano.


Everything you need to know

The story revolves around Yatora Yaguchi who is an obedient student performing well in his studies as well as building great relationships among his peers by playing football or going for a long walk. But, he always finds himself with a void inside of him that can’t be explained. He believes he lacks passion and purpose in life and everything he has done so far is all that people consider as “normal” and not “extraordinary”.

One day, he finds himself captivated by a painting in his high school and plans to try painting on his own. He figures out painting as his passion and after taking inspiration from his friend Ryuji Ayukawa, he plans on joining the art club to enhance his skills. He becomes sure that he wants to pursue arts as his career and desired to apply to Tokyo University of the Arts but he was afraid whether his parents will support his decision or not.

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Blue Period Chapter 47

Blue Period Chapter 47 Release Date

It’s official release date is not yet announced. We all are excited to witness the roller coaster journey of Yatora. The thing about this manga is we all find it relatable as one way or the other we have been forced by society’s norms. Well, as soon as we get any information about the release date, we will update it on our website.

Blue Period Chapter 47

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You can read it on mangal, mangaowl and manganelo.

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