Second Life Ranker Chapter 102: Release Date And Read Manga Online

Second Life Ranker Chapter 102 is expected to be released on 8 October 2021. You can read it on Tapas. Fans are excited about the new chapter.

Second Life Ranker is also known as Ranker, who lives in a Second Life. It is a fantasy fiction Korean web novel and web manga written by a Korean authors Nong Nong and Sa Doyeon.


More About The Manga

Yeon-woo’s twin brother disappeared five years ago. His brother’s sudden disappearance and his mother’s death made him cold-blooded. When his brother’s pocket watch falls into his hand, Yeon-woo found a hidden diary.

The diary recorded his brother’s life on Obelisk (The Tower of Sun God), a place where several universes and dimensions intersect. From his brother’s diary, Yeon learns the truth about his brother’s disappearance. His brother had died after being betrayed while he climbed the tower. Yeon decides to climb the tower to avenge his brother.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 102

He receives powers from the pocket watch of his brother. He gains skills like draconic eyes, heightened senses, and foresight. His abilities improve with time. Yeon-woo becomes a ‘Player’ and is reawakened as a human blessed with the dragon bloodline. Due to his actions and achievements, 41 Gods and 55 high-level demons become interested in him and offer him to become their apostle.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 102 Release Date

It is expected to be released 8 October 2021. This manga is released weekly on Friday. Fans are very excited about the release of this chapter. Second Life Ranker has won many hearts. Fans love this supernatural world and want to see more about this world. The unique character arch and story-line has captivated readers and as a result is a well loved manga among fans.

Where To Read Online

You can read it online on Tapas once the new chapter is released. Official English translation of Second Life Ranker is published on Tapas.

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