Berserk Chapter 365: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Berserk Chapter 365 release date is not yet confirmed. Fans are excited about a new chapter and as soon as it will be announced we will let you know.

Berserk is a dark fantasy genre-based manga series that originated in Japan. Kentaro Miura is the writer and illustrator of this popular manga series. It is published by Hakusensha. In total it has 40 volumes that have been on run since August 1989. Since its first premiere, readers have loved this epic fantasy and because of its huge popularity, an anime adaptation was also released.

What happened in the previous chapters?

In the episode “A Tear Like Morning Dew”, the scene is a shifter in Elfhelm where moonlight boy arrives. He starts jumping on the shoulders of Guts. Schierke mistakes the child to be Flower Strom Monarch. But when Danan, who is the real Flower Strom Monarch, arrives at Schierke, everyone becomes aware of the real Monarch. Guts asked his companions to take the kid away to Casca.

Casca remembered the kid and adored her. The next morning, Danan tells everyone that the kid was very special and suggests that it is evident that this kid had no evil intentions towards anyone. Although they suggest, it will be suitable to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, Guts was doing his training with the help of Dragonslayer. The kid arrives and plays with Guts but Guts sends him to Casca again.

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Berserk Chapter 365

Berserk Chapter 365 Release Date

There is no news about the Release Date. Fans believed that chapter 364 was the final chapter of this series and there will be no more chapters. We all know fans have been eagerly waiting for the new chapters and they don’t want this manga to end but it seems like this is the end. If we get any information regarding new chapters we will let you know.

Berserk Chapter 365

Where to read?

In case Berserk returns with new chapters, you can read it and all the other previous chapters on Shonen Jump and Mangano. You can also purchase this manga’s volume on Amazon.

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