Tower of God Chapter 511: Release Date, and Read Manga Online

Tower of God Chapter 511 is releasing on October 3, 2021, has been set. You will not be bored with this episode, full of action and special events.

In the summer of 2021, Young Com will publish Tower of God, a comic book written and illustrated by S.I.U. It has been serialized in Naver Corporation’s interactive webtoon platform Naver Webtoon since June 2010. Beginning in July 2014, Line Webtoon officially translated the Tower of God into English.


Merchandise and a mobile game have been released for it. Telecom Animation Film adapted the web manhwa into an anime television series that premiered on Naver Series On in South Korea and aired in Japan shortly after. The series originally aired from April to June 2020. In order to stream the anime, Crunchyroll licensed and simulcasted the Japanese broadcast version.


In Tower of God, Twenty-Fifth Bam is the main character. The Korean word ‘Bam’ can mean either ‘Night’ or ‘Chestnut’. With Rachel as his only companion, he has spent the majority of his life beneath a mysterious tower. The arrival of Rachel is devastating to Bam. Bam miraculously unlocks the Tower’s doors. He would do anything to see Rachel again, even die. As he enters the Tower, he meets allies who will help him ascend.

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Tower of God Chapter 511

Chapter 510 of the Tower of God recap

This chapter continues the battle between Khoon and White as well as Khoon meeting Khoon. The Tower of God has been focusing on this duel for a long time. Khoon saved Asensio from a huge rat by approaching him. Chapter 511 of Tower of God mentions Khoon as Asensio’s brother.

Tower of God Chapter 511

Bam claims to be more powerful than White when the subject of White vs Bam comes up. As soon as Bam strikes, White’s barrier will crumble. Hence, he delivered a powerful blow that would easily eliminate Bam’s defenses. Shining Deadly Swords: The white Stile has taken action.

Tower of God Chapter 511 Release Date

 The release date of October 3, 2021, has been set.

Tower of God Chapter 511

Where to Read?

The episode is packed full of action and special events, so you won’t get bored. Fans are waiting for the upcoming chapter. You can read all chapters on Naver and Webtoon.

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