To Your Eternity Chapter 151: Release Date and Read Manga Online

To Your Eternity Chapter 151 is expected to be released in 1st week of this October. Although there is still no confirmation by the author.

Yoshitoki Oima’s series To Your Eternity is a Japanese manga series written and drawn by him. Since November 2016, it has been serialised in Weekly Shonen Magazine, and individual chapters have been collected by Kodansha into sixteen tankabon volumes as of August 2021 and are still expected to release more!!

Fushi, an eternal creature, takes on many different forms, including that of an abandoned white-haired village kid and his white wolf, to excite itself as it learns what it is to be genuinely human. Ima was motivated by the loss of her grandmother to write about survival and the character Fushi, who begins as an emotionless stone but eventually acquires a self and personality via interactions with humans, both young and old.


About the series:

In the series, The Beholder, an unseen entity, makes a featureless white ball that is subsequently dubbed Fushi. Fushi transforms into a rock and eventually into a dying polar wolf. Fushi encounters a lonely child who misidentifies him as his pet wolf, Joaan. Fushi assumes the boy’s shape when he dies from an infected wound.

He journeys south to Ninannah, where he encounters March, a young woman who was chosen as a sacrifice for Oniguma, a big white bear. March gives him the name Fushi and teaches him how to speak and use his hands. Also, we see in the chapter that Fushi beats Oniguma, and Hayase kidnaps him, along with March, Parona (March’s older sister), and the elderly Pioran, and transports them to Yanome.

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To Your Eternity Chapter 151

To Your Eternity Chapter 151 Release Date:

Although there is still no confirmation by the author about the release date of this manga, we expect it to be released in 1st week of this October.

Where to Read it Online

You can also read it on VIZs Website and also at MangaPlus. You can also download the Viz’s ShonenJump App or Mangaplus’s official app for manga series to read it online.

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