Black Clover Chapter 308: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Black Clover Chapter 308 is expected to be released on October 10, 2021. Readers are excited about the upcoming chapters of Black Clover.

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. The series was first published in February 2015 by Shueisha. There are a total of 29 volumes of Black Clover to present and we will be accepting more volumes taking into account the love and affection that viewers have garnered for this manga. An anime film has also been announced for Black Clover.

Everything you need to know

The series revolves around Asta, a young kid raised as an orphan with one of his childhood friends Yuno. In the world where Asta and Yuno live, it is not usual to be born without any magical powers. For instance, Yuno could control wind magic. But Asta was born without any magical powers. He was just a normal child acquiring physical strength. Although because of his sharp mind he was one of the strongest members of his kingdom.

Asta and Yuno desired to become Wizard king. Yuno succeeded in acquiring a four-leaf grimoire that had huge historical importance whereas Asta, who had no magical powers within him, obtained a five-leaf grimoire. They both managed to become a member of Magic squad.  In the last chapter, we saw Zenon trying to win the fight and willing to sacrifice everything in the process.

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Black Clover Chapter 308

Black Clover Chapter 308 Release Date

It is expected to release on October 10, 2021. We all are excited to see what will happen with Zenon and the Dark Triad. It will not be easy to defeat Zenon but we are excited to see the direction in which this series is heading. The countdown begins and there are just 10 days left for upcoming chapters to release.

Black Clover Chapter 308

Where to read?

You can read it on the Viz website, Mangaplus website, and the Shonen Jump App.

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