Riverdale Season 05 Episode 18: Release Date and Watch Online

Riverdale Season 05 Episode 18 is all set to release on September 29, 2021. The fans are waiting for the new episode with eager anticipation.

Riverdale is one of the most popular teen drama shows out there with huge chunks of fans all across the world. The show began airing four years back in January of 2017. Since then, it has successfully rolled out five seasons and 93 episodes in total.

Each episode is roughly 40-45 mins long. The characters in the show are adapted from the renowned and world-famous comic, Archies. Riverdale has an interesting premise, with an array of beloved genres such as crime, drama, mystery, and a pinch of humor. Now, let’s have a look at the trailer for this season of Riverdale.


Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is the creator of the show with the Warner Bros being the producer. Riverdale has some of the most famous names in the TV industry in their cast. Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, as well as Camila Mendes have done a fantastic job with their roles. We are here to provide all you Riverdale fans out there with the latest updates related to the show.

About the Plot

The show follows its youthful characters as teens simply seeking to make it out of their school safe and unscathed for the first 4 editions. But, during its current season, Riverdale has attempted significant changes this time.

Riverdale Season 05 Episode 18

This season continues off just where the previous season ended. It begins with a spectacular prom night that is indeed crucial for the characters’ love lives. Archie as well as Betty confessed their secret kiss to their lovers. Following their graduation, a time leap of seven years is seen where everybody goes to their hometown, albeit studying various courses. While living there, they come across various obstacles and are compelled to confront the monsters in their closets.

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Riverdale Season 05 Episode 18 Release Date

The upcoming episode of Riverdale is going to release on September 29, 2021. The fans are desperately waiting for its release.

Where to watch

You can watch all the new episodes of Riverdale on the official website of CW, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

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