Strays Season 1 Episode 3: Release Date and Watch Online

Strays Season 1 Episode 3 is scheduled to release on September 28, 2021. Viewers are excited about the upcoming episode.

Strays is a Canadian television show developed by Kevin White and produced by Thunderbird Entertainment. Ivan Fecan executive produced the series.  stars Nicole Power, Frank Kevin Vidal, Tina Jung, Emily Piggford, Tonny Nappo, Nikki Duval, Frank Cox-O’Connell, and Paula Boudreau. The series premiered on September 14, 2021, on CBC.

About Strays

Strays series is a spin-off of Kim’s Convenience series. It revolves around Shannon Ross from Kim’s Convenience. She moves from Toronto to Ontario and starts her new life as the executive director of the Hamilton East Animal Shelter, where she is the boss of an eccentric team.

In her 30s, she is ready to face new challenges. Shannon focuses on her new job and new relationships. She also reunites with her family. She manages an eccentric team, including the building’s maintenance guy expressionless Paul, her apathetic cousin Nikki, her overly sheltered office manager Joy, her over-enthusiastic animal care manager Kristian.

Strays is a new comedy television show. It has a unique storyline and lots of potentials. Shannon’s character is funny and her new teammates are interesting. You will find cute furry animals in the show as it sets in Hamilton East Animal Shelter. It is a must-watch for animal lovers and those looking for new refreshing comedy series.

Strays Season 1 Episode 3

Strays Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

It is scheduled to release on September 28, 2021. The episode is named “The Neighbours”. In the episode, Shannon assigns her new neighbor, a reporter to do a story on Hamilton East Animal Shelter. Paul hesitantly agrees to give Kristian a tattoo.

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Strays Season 1 Episode 3

Where to Watch Online

You can watch Strays Season 1 online on Amazon Prime and CBC Gem. You can also watch it on YouTube with a YouTube Premium subscription.

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