One Piece Season 20 Episode 104: Release Date and Watch Online

One Piece Season 20 Episode 104 is going to release on September 26, 2021. The fans are avidly looking forward to the release of the next episode.

One Piece is one of the most-watched anime television shows from Japan. It is an epic tale full of plenty of action and adventure. The narrative of the show is credited for being in the vein of some of the best pursuit and fantasy stories ever written. One Piece is arguably the longest-running anime series out there.

It premiered twenty-one years back in October 1999. The series, throughout these 21 years has consistently been the most popular anime in the world, catering to an audience that spreads across continents. The show is currently being directed by Kōnosuke Uda and Shōji Yonemura is the writer. Here is a small clip from the show.

One Piece is currently in its twentieth season. It develops a vibrant realm for its protagonists to explore. One Piece tells a compelling story without being swamped by needlessly convoluted themes and storylines. The graphics and animation are also worth watching.

About One Piece

Every child aspires to grow up and become significant and successful. Monkey D. Luffy’s ambition is to be the Pirate Monarch. Luffy intends to employ his unique abilities to venture to the Grand Line as well as to discover One Piece, a bounty bequeathed behind by the famed Gold Roger.

One Piece Season 20 Episode 104

The treasure comprises all of the world’s wealth, and so every pirate desires it. Luffy would have to form friendships along the route to support him on his quest and also to accomplish a commitment written upon that top hat he adorns.

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One Piece Season 20 Episode 104 Release Date

The upcoming episode of Season 20 is all set to release on September 26, 2021. The fans are keenly looking forward to episode 104’s release.

Where to watch

You can watch the new episodes of One Piece on Fuji TV, Toonami, as well as Disney+ platforms.

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