Shaman King Season 1 Episode 22: Release Date and Watch Online

Shaman King Season 1 Episode 22 will be released at 5:55 p.m. on September 9, 2021. Fans have been waiting for this episode for a long time.

The anime series 2021 Shaman King is based on Hiroyuki Takei’s manga series of the same name, which he wrote and illustrated. Masao Maruyama, former Madhouse president and then MAPPA president, expressed his desire to work on a Shaman King reboot at Otakon 2015.

Shaman King Season 1 Episode 22Previously on Shaman King (2021): Episode 21

The episode’s title is “Iron Maiden Jeanne.” The Boz brothers are sorry for abandoning their dream by following someone who nearly killed them. They express gratitude to Asakura Yoh and her team for providing them with the opportunity to start over. They also express gratitude to Chokolove for saving their lives. Chocolove responds that he did what he believed to be right.

Asakura Yoh inquires about their new name, as they have abandoned the old one. They’ve changed their clothes and introduced themselves as the Bozu brothers. The team realizes they changed Boz’s name to Bozu by adding “U” to his name. Brother Bozu is on his way out. Ryu informs the shamans that the next match is about to begin and realizes that his Oracle Bell holds the match card.

Ryu notices something that surprises him, and his haircut changes to a more feminine style. Manta notices that something has changed since Ryu’s pompadour has changed.

Shaman King Season 1 Episode 22

Ryu can’t believe he’s going to fight the man he idolizes. Following that, they announce the second round of the Semana fight in Tokyo. Two mysterious white men enter the ring. They are known as XI, and Asakura Hao realizes that Law X’s best team begins early. He mentioned Iron Maiden inside the X-Laws’ heads.

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Hao sees Lyserg and realizes he met him eight years ago and that he joined the X-Laws. Team Yoh discovers that Lyserg has joined the X-Laws, and Yoh decides to cheer them on. The mummies make a grand entrance into the ring. Marko asks if they can speak later because it’s time to fight. Joan, the Iron Maiden, executes Anatel by severing her head with a sword. Marko describes the God of Justice, and the fight continues as he crushes the remaining boys.

Shaman King Season 1 Episode 22 Release Date and Watch Online

It will be released on September 9, 2021, at 5:55 p.m. Shaman King: (2021) Episode 22 is available on Netflix and Bilibili. Shaman King (2021) will officially update the site’s information.

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