The Resident Season 05 Episode 01: Release Date and Watch Online

The Resident Season 05 Episode 01 is all set to release on September 21, 2021. The fans are quite exhilarated and are looking forward.

The show, with occasional delight and a couple of strong performances, veers between medical drama and hospital nightmare, with frequent inadvertently funny consequences. The Resident was launched three years back in January of 2018. A bunch of well-known creators like Roshan Sethi, Amy Holden Jones, as well as Hayley Schore have joined hands to create this beloved show. It has been well-received among fans due to the range of genres it encompasses. From drama to comedy, and from horror to suspense, the Resident has a lot to offer. Here is a small clip from the show.

The show has also garnered a lot of appreciation for its talented cast. Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp are the protagonists of the show and the audiences are loving their powerful and amazing performances. It is currently one of the best scripted shows on TV right now.

About the Plot

This season would most probably pick off where season four concluded. This includes Nicolette and Conrad’s baby, Georgiana’s birth at the Chastain, and its CEO much to Conrad’s anger, pursuing a deal with Big Pharma. Parenting is considered to be a significant theme in the current season. Conrad and Nicolette will be seen juggling the responsibilities of parenthood and their profession, as well as the delivery of their daughter.

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Greg and Jake adopted a child, Sammie, at the end of the previous season. Even though others are grieving, the characters’ are very optimistic on the personal front.

The Resident Season 05 Episode 01 Release Date

The first episode of the new season is set to premiere on September 21, 2021. The fans are keenly awaiting the upcoming episode.

Where to watch

You can watch all the upcoming episodes of the show on Fox, Hulu, FuboTV, and DIRECTV.

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