Painter of Night Chapter 81: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Painter of Night Chapter 81 release date is still not disclosed. It probably releases soon as the production doing very hard work regarding this project.

Painter of Night is basically a Japanese manga series that initially started its journey in 2019. The series is written and illustrated by the eminent Japanese writer Byeonduck. The first season began in 2019 and it’s consists of a total of 44 chapters. After completing the first season the franchise takes a little break and in the year they are starting to publish the next season. From the 45th chapter, the second season starts. And now we are all waiting for the 3rd season that may begin with the 81st chapter.

Painter of Night Chapter 81

The Plot of the Manga Series

As the name suggests this manga is based on a painter whose name is Na-kyum. He is basically one of the main characters of this series. The series is plotted in the past Korean background where Na-kyum is a young boy and he has an exceptional talent for painting. This makes him very different from the other of his same generation.

He published some of his creations under pseudonyms but suddenly he thought to quit his painting. From here the story is completely different from normal thoughts. Seungho, a nobleman suddenly came into his life and Seungho’s influence changed his life completely. So, if you are not read this manga yet then you should read it once.

Painter of Night Chapter 81 Release Date 

The release date of The painter of night chapter 81 is still now announced. It may the beginning of season 3. Probably it may release very soon in a couple of weeks.

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Painter of Night Chapter 81

Where to Read?

You can read the manga on Lezhin, manga plus platform.

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