Animal Kingdom Season 05 Episode 12: Release Date And Watch Online

Animal Kingdom Season 05 Episode 12 is scheduled to release on 26 September 2021. Fans are so excited about the upcoming episode.

Animal Kingdom is an American drama television series developed by Jonathan Lisco, based on the 2010 Australian film by David Michod. A 17-year-old boy (Finn Cole), following the death of his mother, moves in with the Codys, a criminal family clan ruled by matriarch Janine “Smurf” Cody (Ellen Barkin). TNT premiered Animal Kingdom on June 14, 2016.

The second season of the show will have 13 episodes and will be launched on July 6, 2016. There’s going to be a third season of the show, as TNT renewed the series on July 27, 2017. It was announced on July 2, 2018, that the series would be renewed for a fourth season. A fifth season of the series was renewed by TNT on July 24, 2019. The final season of the TNT series will premiere in January 2021, ahead of the fifth season premiere. July 11, 2021, marked the premiere of season five.


‘Animal Kingdom’ is a family crime drama set in a gritty surf community. The series centers on 17-year-old Joshua “J” Cody (Finn Cole), who moves in with his freewheeling relatives in their Southern California beach town after his mother dies of a heroin overdose. The Codys are back, and the ties that bind them are about to be stretched to the limit when TNT’s hit Animal Kingdom returns for its second season.

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Animal Kingdom Season 05 Episode 12

As the second season opens, the Cody clan is back to their old ways and in the midst of a fun, high-adrenaline heist. But when things don’t go as planned, the family dynamics become more fractured than ever as some members advocate for independence from Smurf. Adding fuel to the fire is an external threat from Smurf’s past that has come back to haunt her.

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Animal Kingdom Season 05 Episode 12 Release Date

Animal Kingdom Season 05 Episode 12

There’s just a couple of weeks left until the animal kingdom season 5 episode 12 air just to make you even happier. I know it’s hard to wait, but that’s what we’ve got to do for now. It is scheduled to release on 26 September 2021.

Where to Watch?

You can watch all episodes on  Hulu. The new episode would certainly be filled with lots of drama. Fans are eager to get further glimpses into the personal lives of these six women. Stay tuned for the new episode.

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