Side Hustle Season 1 Episode 24: Everthing you should know

Side Hustle Season 1 Episode 24 is all set to release on 18 September 2021. Fans are excited to watch the next episode.

The rumors regarding the cancellation of the side hustle are false, the show has managed to win the heart of fans all around the world, it is one of the most famous and its premises is something which is making it famous from any other typical series, the language of the series is in English and origins in the united states of America.

The show is currently running gag in more than 17 countries and the show had managed to be dubbed in more than 5 languages, The procession stars Jules LeBlanc, Jayden Bartels, Isaiah Crews, Mitchell Berg, and Jacques Chevelle.

Side Hustle Season 1 Episode 24
Annie LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels

What fans are expecting?

The storyline of the show revolves around the Best friends Lex and Presley are loosening after school when their colleague, Munchy, calls with fireworks he establishes commandeered by his father, Tedward, their school principal.



They accidentally burst the fireworks which hit Tedward’s boat, establishing it on flame. Tedward compels that they reimburse him with money they received through hard work. Attending the break up, Lex and Presley want to pursue solo jobs but they end up forgetting each other. Meanwhile, Alan blunders their tune for another song and enlists Tedward to enable him comprehend what song it is.

Using a symphony distinction application, they observe the hymn as “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”. They are begged to perform it at the Mooery since Mouth Noise was abolished. Motivated from the throng, Mouth Noise decides to get back jointly and conduct their hymn.

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Side Hustle Season 1 Episode 24

Side Hustle Season 1 Episode 24 Release date

The next episode of the side hustle name Room for Munchy is all set to release on 18th September 2021.

Where to watch

All the episode of the side hustle is available on nickelodeon.

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