Casualty Season 36 Episode 05: Release Date and Watch Online.

Casualty Season 36 Episode 05 is getting released on September 11, 2021. Fans are excited about the upcoming episode.

British medical drama series Casualty began recently began airing season 36. It airs on weekly basis on BBC One. Jeremy Brock along with Paul Unwin created the series. On 6 September 1986, the series was aired on BBC One in the United Kingdom. Casualty is the longest medical series, broadcasted for more than 35 years.

Casualty Season 36 Episode 05

More about Casualty.

So far the series has completed 1216 episodes. Each episode of 40 -50 minutes long excluding special episode 60-90 episodes. The shooting of the series is done in Holby City Hospital. Staff and the patients are the focus of the series.

Other shots of the series were taken outside the Ashley Down Centre in Bristol. the series celebrated 25 years of its success back in 2011. The characters of the series are Consultant Ewart Plimmer, Senior house officer Baz Samuels, charge nurse Charlie Fairhead, Staff nurse Clive King, State enrolled nurse Megan Roach and Lisa Duffy Duffin.

Characters in the Casualty medical series. 

Other characters in the series are Paramedics Sandra Mute, Andrew Ponting, Susie Mercier, and Kuba Trzcinski, Dylan Keogh, Ethan Hardy, Stevie Nash, Rash Masum clinical nurse manager Jacob Masters, senior in-charge nurse, and emergency nurse practitioners Charlie Fairhead, Faith Cadogan, Robby Miller, Marty Kirkby, Jade Jenning, paramedics Iain Dean, Lev Malinovsky Fenisha Khatri, Rosa Cadenas, and David Hyde.

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The series is quite popular among fans it’s been years now. The same excitement is there among the fans when it comes to Casualty. In the previous episode of Casualty which was released on September 5, 2021. We saw that Iain’s solving an issue between Tina and Jacob. On the other side, Jade released his awful secret in front of Stevie.

Casualty Season 36 Episode 05

Casualty season 36 episode 05 release date and watch online. 

Casualty season 36 episode 05 is scheduled for a release on September 11, 2021. All the episodes of the show get released at 8.45 PM on BBC One. Fans can catch the series on YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and DirecTV. The latest episodes of the series are also available on Amazon Prime Video and Apple iTunes.

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