American Rust Season 1 Episode 2: Release Date and Watch Online

American Rust Season 1 Episode 2 is going to release on September 19, 2021. Fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes.

American Rust is a mystery drama television series created and directed by Dan Futterman. It is based on the novel American Rust by Philipp Meyer. It stars Jeff Daniels as the main lead character. The first episode of American rust aired on September 12, 2021, and has received positive reviews from the audience.


Everything you need to know

The show revolves around a man named Del Harris who receives a call about a dead body found at the old mill. Del Harris rushes to the place only to find out something he least expected in the world to happen. We then see a different timeline where Dell falls in love with a woman named Grace. She had a son Billy who attracted nothing but trouble.

When Del goes out on a date with Grace, she received a phone call from a bar where her son got into a huge fight with a guy named Novick. This fight got intense to such a point that Billy got arrested. He even lost his job because of this fight. We are then taken back to our present timeline where Del finds the dead body of Novick. He also discovers Billy’s jacket on the floor but he immediately hides it to save Billy from being accused of murder.

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American Rust Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date

American Rust Season 1 Episode 2 “Happy Returns” is scheduled to release on September 19, 2021. We all are eagerly waiting for the new episodes and the countdown begins. There are just 4 days left for this amazing series to hit streaming platforms with more mysteries and excitement.

American Rust Season 1 Episode 2

Where to watch?

You can watch “Happy Returns” on Showtime. You can also stream it on FuboTV, Sling, and Hulu.

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