The Oval Season 2 Episode 22 Release Date And Watch Online

The Oval Season 2 Episode 22 is expected to be released on 14 September. You can watch it on the Bet network and as well as on Fubo Tv.

The Oval is an American prime-time television soap opera created, executive produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry. Ever wondered how life in the White House was? Well if you have then this is the perfect watch for you.

More About The Oval 

The Oval tells the story of a family placed in the White House by people of power. Tyler Perry supercharges the political genre with insane levels of scandal, sex, depravity, and betrayal. In other words, it mixes the worlds of politics and personality. It also highlights the personal side and everyday lives of the staff who run the inner workings of the nation’s most iconic residence.


U.S President Hunter Franklin and first lady Victoria Franklin are a power-hungry interracial couple.  They present a perfect facade to the world while indulging in wildly scandalous behavior behind closed doors. In addition, their children, Gayle and Jason bring their own baggage of scandal and secrets to the Executive Residence. We also come to know about head butler, Richard Hall. He is an ex-serviceman. Among all the greed and corruption he struggles to maintain his integrity. 

The unique storyline depicted in a soap opera style has surely grabbed the attention of many. Viewers are very interested and eager to know about the ongoings of the most trusted and powerful man in the world. If you like political dramas then this is a must-watch for you.

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The Oval Season 2 Episode 22

The Oval Season 2 Episode 22 Release Date 

The Oval Season 2 Episode 22 is expected to be released on 14 September. It is the final episode of season 2. As result fans are eagerly awaiting its release.

The episode has been titled “Doomsday”. Moreover, it’s going to be a super exciting finale and power-packed episode. And fans are expecting a lot of political drama and scandals. However, the personal side of the stories of all the characters is what the viewers are most excited about.

Where To Watch Season 2 Episode 22 Online

Upon its release, on 14 September you can watch it on the Bet network and as well as on Fubo Tv. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

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