The Last Leg Episode 254 Release Date and Watch online

The Last Leg Episode 254 is going to release on 4 September 2021, you can watch all seasons of The Last Leg on Channel 4.

The Last Leg (known during its first series as The Last Leg with Adam Hills) is a British comedy and late-night television talk/sketch show that originally ran alongside the 2012 Summer Paralympics every night following the main coverage on Channel 4. Anchored by Australian comedian Adam Hills and co-hosted by Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker, it gives a review of the week’s events.

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games are officially here and who better to cover it than the cast of The Last Leg? Returning to their disability-positive routes, the comedy trio will be providing us with laughs and Paralympic insight throughout the Games, so read on to see how to watch The Last Leg of Tokyo 2020 online – no matter where you are in the world.



The Last Leg is described by the main presenter Adam Hills as “Three guys with four legs talking about the week” because Hills was born without a right foot and Brooker had his right leg amputated when he was a baby.

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The original series, broadcast during the 2012 Paralympics, was a look back at each day’s events during the competition, as well as a look at the news that week. Following on from the Paralympics, the series became weekly and looks at political and other events in the news that week, as well as covering Paralympic matters. The show features guest interviews with Paralympians and celebrities.

    Along with their celebrity guests, friends and families of the Paralympics will also make some appearances as well as a few live interviews with the Olympians themselves directly from Japan.

Release Date of The Last Leg Episode 254

The Last Leg Episode 254

Tuesday, August 24 – Saturday, September 4, you can watch all seasons of The Last Leg on Channel 4.

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where to watch?

You can watch for free all the episodes on channel 4.

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