American Crime Story Episode 22: Release date & Watch online

American Crime Story Episode 22 is going to release on September 21, 2021. The upcoming episode is being keenly anticipated by the show’s ardent fans.

With a blockbuster first season that premiered five years back, the show has successfully garnered a massive fan following. Season after season, the American Crime Story has managed to intrigue as well as fascinate the audiences with its unique and engrossing narrative. This enthralling true-crime television series keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats with its unpredictable and thrilling plot twists. Here is a preview clip of the series.

The makers of the show are Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander. They have done a commendable job of bringing the three most sensational American crime stories to life on the small screen. In fact, when it comes to choosing the best true crime series ever created in the United States, the program will continue to reign supreme.

About the Plot

So far, there have been three seasons of the show. Each season is centered around real-life high-profile cases that made headlines in the ’90s. With the depiction of the case of O.J. Simpson as well as the murder of Versace Gianni in the first and the second season respectively, the third season covers the infamous impeachment trial of the former US President, Bill Clinton, and all the drama surrounding it.

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‘Impeachment’ is the season’s title. It is adapted from the book called ‘A Vast Conspiracy, written by Jeffrey Toobin. Clive Owen has given a splendid performance as Bill Clinton. Beanie Feldstein is also being praised for her role as Monica Lewinsky.

American Crime Story Episode 22 Release date

The creators of the show have confirmed that the new episode of the series will premiere on September 21, 2021. The first episode of the ongoing season has already been released. Episode 22 is called ‘Not To Be Believed’.

Where to watch

Every Tuesday at 10 p.m. (ET), FX will air the upcoming episodes of the show. Fans can watch the latest episode on Hulu and FuboTV as well.

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