Vigil Season 01 Episode 04: Release Date and Watch Online

Vigil Season 01 Episode 04 will officially premiere on September 12, 2021. You can catch all the latest episodes on BBC 1, BBC iPlayer, and DirecTV.

Vigil, the brand new British miniseries premiered in August this year. It is a gripping and intriguing police procedural drama with a celebrity-studded ensemble. The series is created by award-winning writers and directors known for their excellent work on television. Here is a small preview of Vigil, the series.

The first three episodes have received a handsome amount of love and appreciation from fans for its unique plot and powerful characters.

The show stars Surrane Jones in the lead. She has done an excellent job with her character. All the other characters in the show are equally dynamic and impressive.

About Vigil: The Miniseries

The plot centers around the vanishing of a Scottish fishing ship and a fatality on a Trident nuclear submarine, which pits the authorities against the Naval force and British intelligence agencies. Amy Silva, the protagonist, is the head of the inquiry, which begins on the sea as well as land, and events quickly escalate, threatening to compromise Britain’s nuclear deterrence.

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This thriller story successfully paints a fascinating world where we witness Amy Silva deal with her personal tragedy and grief, all while doubting her life decisions and relationships. The story is fresh and contemporary.

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Vigil is currently one of the most loved dramas on BBC with its popularity increasing day by day.

Vigil Season 01 Episode 04 Release date

As per the makers of the show, the first season is going to have 6 episodes in total. The upcoming episode 4 is officially releasing on September 12, 2021.

Three episodes have already been released and the fans are eagerly waiting for the fresh episodes.

Where to watch

You can catch Vigil Season 01 Episode 04 on BBC 1 at 9 pm. New episodes are also available on platforms like DirecTV and BBC iPlayer.

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