Eleceed Chapter 156: Release Date and Read Manga Online.

Eleceed Chapter 156 is getting released on September 02, 2021. Readers can catch the same on Navar and Line Webtoon.

Due to the turning points and adventures and the twist the last episode took. Readers are really excited about the next chapter. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the upcoming chapter of Eleceed.

What is Eleceed?

Eleceed is the Korean action and fantasy Webtoon. The series is written by Son Jae Ho. Illustrations are done by Zhena. Eleceed is published by Naver in the Korean language. Line WEBTOON licensed the same in the English language. The first chapter of the manga series was published on the Naver website on 2nd October 2018.

Eleceed Chapter 154

The story of Eleceed is based on the life of Jiwoo. Who is a kind-hearted young man?  Jiwoo adopted a human cat as his pet. He and his human-cat secretly work for making the world a better and peaceful place. He also saved a little child a foster pet at a time. Kayden who is a secret agent got stuck in a body of an old fluffy cat.

Story of Eleceed manga series. 

The smartness of Kayden and Jiwoo’s supernatural powers get united. They attack those forces which are evil or are turning out to be evil. Their only target is to erase all these forces from this world. The series also depicts another world of Jiwoo, where he finds people with different abilities.

Jiwoo keeps hiding his powers but one day he encounters Kayden ho introduced him to a different world. In that world, there are different rules but it is very dangerous at the same time.

Eleceed Chapter 156

Eleceed chapter 156 release date and more. 

In the previous chapter, we saw that Jinwoo appeared in a scene. He arrived there as a world awakener. But they were not able to track the location and movements. In the same chapter, the awakeners realized that some Korean Rookies will overpower DukeEleceed chapter 156 is getting released on September 2, 2021. It will be available on Naver and Line Webtoon in the English language.

For the unofficial English translation’s fans will have to wait for few more days. The new chapter in English will be out by 27 August 2021.

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