Wentworth Season 08 Episode 13: Release Date and Watch Online

Wentworth Season 08 Episode 13 will release on September 7th, 2021. On July 28, 2020, the eighth season of the drama series Wentworth began on Fox Showcase.

The twenty-episode final season has been split into two parts: the first, titled Wentworth: Redemption, will air in 2020, and the second, titled Wentworth: The Final Sentence, will air in August 24, 2021. The tale begins up shortly after the siege at the end of the previous season when the inmates and staff are still trying to reconstruct their lives and cope with the fallout. Joan Ferguson reappears in Season 8, and it is revealed how she escaped death after Will Jackson buried her alive.

Episode 12 Recap

Lou is armed with a shiv and threatens to hurt herself before being carried away and subdued; she learns later that she is being investigated for Reb’s murder. Judy continues to be concerned that she will learn the truth about who attacked her, while Allie struggles to adjust to life with her impairment.

When Joan begins to display feelings of empathy, she informs Dr. Miller that the drug has taken effect. Judy receives some good news in regards to her extradition. Rita stays by Blair’s bedside and the two eventually reconcile; Rita swears to protect Ruby and is imprisoned just as Blair passes away. Boomer arranges for her and Gavin to have a conjugal visit so that he can smuggle in a camera.

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Wentworth Season 08 Episode 13

Boomer, on the other hand, sees it as the ideal opportunity to blackmail him into getting her pregnant by any means necessary. Joan informs Vera that Sheila was the one who murdered Reb, which she dismisses and accuses Joan of. Will verifies to Lou that she and Reb were both given a tranquilizer, removing any suspicion from her mind. Lou accuses both Allie and Ruby of the crime but eventually assassinates Zaina to get the information he needs.

Jumping to assumptions, she takes a bottle of poison from Marie’s cell and a ripped bedsheet. Marie has no choice except to expose the identity of the assailant. Lou confronts Sheila and forces her to drink the poison while watching her writhe in pain. Sheila is rescued by Marie, who takes pity on her and puts her out of her agony, forcing Lou to assist. Lou crowns herself Top Dog and tells everyone in the dining room that she killed Sheila.

Wentworth Season 08 Episode 13

Wentworth Season 08 Episode 13 Release Date

The Wentworth Season 08 Episode 13 will air on Fox Showcase in Australia on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 at 8:30 p.m. The episode is titled ‘The Ties That Bind,’. On the other hand, it will air on the free-to-air channel 5STAR on the same date at 10 pm BST in the UK, where it has been renamed Wentworth Prison.

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