Painter of the Night Chapter 77: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Painter of the Night Chapter 77 is set to release on August 27, 2021. Byeonduck’s ongoing manhwa, Painter of the Night, is published by Lezhin Comics.

The first season consists of chapters 1 through 44, with the second season kicking up on July 24th. Hanyang, the capital of the Joseon kingdom (Seoul’s old name), exists in a past setting of Korea during the Goryeo or Joseon eras. It’s about a nobleman, Yoon Seungho, who wants Baek Na-kyum to keep drawing sensual paintings despite his opposition.

Painter of the Night Chapter 77


When Yoon Seungho learns of Baek Na-paintings, kyum’s he is ecstatic. When Seungho discovers him, Na-kyum responds that he is not the painter, so he strikes his assistant with a katana blade for the alleged lying. Seungho has Na-kyum transported to his house because he can’t tell who’s telling the truth now that he’s passed out. Na-kyum tearfully denies being the painter when asked again, but Seungho wants him to dwell there and paint more of him in the act with others. Seungho comments that Na-kyum has both eyes and all ten fingers, so he doesn’t understand why he can’t paint, but he could easily offer him a legitimate reason. Na-kyum continues to work on the piece of art, but it is torn up in disgust. Seungho discovers it and appears to be pleased.

Painter of the Night Chapter 77

Painter of the Night’s Previous Chapter

No-Name is about to endure the most difficult test of her life. As the villagers take Na Kyum to a quiet location, Seungho steps in and tries unsuccessfully to catch them off guard. Yoon No Name is pushed into surrender by Eungi’s sword now that he has nowhere else to go. Seungho and his buddies gathered in a backroom to discuss unusual ways to stand out. Seungho was the only one who noticed others becoming interested in music for the first time, but he was the only one who noticed it.

Painter of the Night Chapter 77 Release Date

Painter of the Night’s Chapter 77 has released on August 27, 2021. Lehzin comics has the chapter available for reading. However, some of the chapters are locked, and readers must use coins to open them.

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