Wind Breaker Chapter 379: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Wind Breaker Chapter 379 is released on August 22, 2021. You can read the manga for free on the webtoon and manhwafull.

Jay is a good student. He is a direct student — who is also the president of the student body. He finds a whole new world without homework after being forced to join a school boarding team, the Hummingbird Crew.

The President of the Student Body for Sunny High is Jay. Not only is he a brilliant student but he is also an accomplished motorcyclist with a unique strategy. Follow her bike to meet her friends, love passions, and make sacrifices.

Wind Breaker Chapter 379

Jay had a difficult childhood and spent his days studying, even on his birthdays. Jay’s parents have such high hopes for his studies that he is not allowed to have any friends because they will work to distract him from his studies.



Jay Jo becomes a member of the Hummingbird Crew, a place where he learns about the most distant land. Throughout his travels with Hummingbird, he goes on events that are not in his textbook. He had no idea what he was used to talking about. The rest of the novel revolves around this, appropriately as his parents ’supreme goals. Will Jay be able to meet or exceed his parents’ expectations, or will he disappoint them?

Wind Breaker Chapter 378 Highlights:

Wind Breaker Chapter 379

In season 378 Jay is forced to become a member of the school’s cycling team, the Hummingbird Crew. This is where Jay stumbles in the world in the best ways he needs to be. In addition, he also finds the risk of going to unimaginable events behind his textbooks. The rest of the chapter is a long story of Jay and Hummingbird Crew’s experience. In addition, it is reported that his father and mother expect too much from him.

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Wind Breaker Chapter 379: Release Date and read online

The next chapter, Wind Breaker Chapter 379, is released on August 22, 2021. Readers will be able to find the chapter on Webtoon. In the previous chapter, Jay was chasing Shelly. In the next episode, we can see their relationship take on a whole new dimension. We do not encourage you to read any lies on any fraudulent platform or website.

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