Wind Breaker Chapter 379: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Wind Breaker Chapter 379 has been released on August 22, 2021. Jay Jo, also known as Jo Ja-Hyun, is the protagonist of the Wind Breaker Webtoon series.

He attends Sunny High School. He was introduced as a studious introvert at the start of the series. He meets a group of pals who all have a passion for motorcycling, and he starts to open up as the story progresses. His appearance in the League of Street preliminary rounds helped him earn not only recognition in the Korean bicycling scene but also at school.

Wind Breaker Chapter 379

Jay’s Life

Jay had a difficult childhood and spent his days studying, even on his birthdays. Jay’s parents have such high academic expectations for him that he is not permitted to have friends since they would only serve to distract him from his studies.

His parents assured him that he would be able to have fun once he had established a solid and successful profession. The only time Jay wasn’t studying when he was younger was when he was with his uncle, Mach Jo. Mach gave Jay his bike on his 13th birthday, saying that they would embark on a cycling trip together one day and that Jay would practice cycling till then.

Sadly, his uncle passed away before it could happen. Jay adored his uncle and often thought about him, and those memories reminded him why he enjoyed cycling. While Mach was still alive, he inquired about Jay’s ambitions, to which Jay replied that he aspired to be a doctor.

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Mach, on the other hand, was well aware that Jay’s parents had instilled in him certain expectations. He then inquired as to Jay’s true ambition. Jay’s passion for riding was fueled by Mach’s influence. Mr. Nam urges his class years later, asking what they would do if they only had a week to live. Jay just wrote that he wanted to go on a bike trip with his pals, which he couldn’t do with his uncle.

Wind Breaker Chapter 379Wind Breaker Chapter 379 Release Date

On August 22, 2021, Wind Breaker Chapter 379 was released. On webtoon and manhwafull, you can read the manhwa for free.

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