DrugStore in Another World Episode 8: Release Date, and Watch Online.

DrugStore in Another World Episode 8 will be released on 25 August 2021. Drug Store in Another World is based on Kennoji’s Japanese light novel series.

Hifumi Shob announced an anime adaptation at Comiket 97 on December 28, 2019, which was later revealed to be a television series on May 25, 2020. EMT Squared animated the series, which was directed by Masafumi Sat. Hiroko Kanasugi oversaw the screenplays, while Etsuko Sumimoto designed the characters and Tomoki Kikuya composed the soundtrack.

Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 was titled “Woof? The Advent of the Demon King!”. In this episode, Ejil teleports to Reiji’s store and is enraged when he learns that Reiji is expecting money. Ejil falls in love with Noela and offers Reiji half the globe in exchange for Noela and one potion once he has conquered it, but Reiji declines. Ejil departs but returns with villagers’ money after claiming to be the Demon King.

Reiji rightly deduces that the locals mistook him for a homeless person. Reiji gives him one potion, which Ejil tries to give to Noela, but she rejects him once more because Reiji only gives her one potion every day. Ejil humiliated, asks that Reiji appoint him as his apprentice and refuses to leave unless Reiji agrees to let him work as a weekend shop assistant.DrugStore in Another World Episode 8

Then Ejil requests a potion that will allow him to read Noela’s mind and learn how she truly feels about him. In exchange for Ejil not damaging anything if Noela doesn’t like him, Reiji agrees. Reiji concocts the Give-It-To-Me-Straight elixir, which allows him to broadcast his thoughts aloud.

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Ejil is sad that Noela is uninterested in him, but he is still determined to romance her. Mina inadvertently swallows the potion, revealing her dark and terrible thoughts. Reiji decides not to market the potion because he fears it will trigger widespread divorces across the country if it is consumed by married couples.

DrugStore in Another World Episode 8

DrugStore in Another World Episode 8 Release Date and Watch Online

On August 25, 2021, the ninth episode of Drug Store in Another World titled ‘Monsieur’ will be released. It will be easily accessible for streaming on Crunchyroll and VRV.

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