Mayim Bialik , The Jeopardy Co-Host does she have anixety?

Mayim Bialik has openly claimed that she suffers from a serious condition that causes anxiety. She posted about her condition and what is she going through. In response to this, she received a lot of backlash and love from her fans. What is the condition she is undergoing currently, and what is her say on this? To know more about her condition, read the article.

What did Mayim Bialik post on her social media handles?

Fans appreciated her clap and took to the comments to voice their agreement. “Yes, sir! Let’s eat some cake together, gal!!!”. Another user added: “Absolutely. Seriously, I don’t know how to take certain people seriously.” There was a widespread response of “Thank you for this,” which was voiced by many people.

Body dysmorphia can cause people to suffer anxiety, especially during the holidays. Mayim has lately discussed her anxiety and the techniques she uses to manage it. Early in the week, she posted a video to Instagram showing herself unwinding at home. The Big Bang Theory star, who looked makeup-free and sported glasses while addressing her 4.1 million fans, was clothed in a black T-shirt and a grey hoodie.

What is her Instagram video all about?

Mayim posted a video of herself eating on Thursday with, “I see you’re coming back for seconds.” As she addressed the camera, she sported a black t-shirt and round frames.

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The presenter admitted, “I deal with body dysmorphia and numerous difficulties with eating.” If you suffer from body dysmorphia, you may be preoccupied with your perceived physical imperfections. Moreover, the video came with the caption: “There are a few things I do when I need to relax. Certainly, there are more. Do you want me to continue this?”

What did she say on her Instagram account?

On the Instagram account for her podcast on mental health, Bialik Breakdown, she also posted the footage. Another fan remarked, “As a parrot, I greatly enjoy your superb whistling,” while praising her “clear and sharp” whistling. Yet some people who suffer from anxiety have stated that whistling isn’t helpful. But, as one person put it, “the whistle causes uneasiness in the other persons surrounding.”

Another jokingly stated, “Now I am anxious for chocolate and for you to quit whistling.”

Another person commented: “I have no problems with meditating. But maybe it’s just me, but the sound of a whistle always makes me upset.” Several Mayim supporters shared strategies for managing anxiety, such as dancing, getting enough sleep, and listening to positive affirmations.


The category beginning with “A” required all answers to begin with that letter. There was, however, one piece of evidence that was disturbing. According to the inscription, those lengthy and toothy bugs claimed the life of fugitive Brian Laundrie in the Myakkahatchee Creek area of Florida in the year 2021. Even though “What are alligators?” was the accurate answer, people were turned off by the appearance of the alleged killer.

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“Jeopardy! had the ridiculous inquiry I’ve ever seen, “The viewer tweeted their displeasure. Another user commented, “Which Jeopardy! How could an alligator be the answer to a question involving Brian Laundrie? Hell, that was so… out of line I don’t even know where to begin. Not required! Bringing up his name was just unnecessary.”

Wrapping up

This month, Mayim received criticism from Jeopardy! Viewers after she provided a “tasteless” and “morbid” clue on the celebrity spinoff. For more upcoming developments, stay tuned to know more about it.

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