Falicia Blakely Daughter? Check About Falicia Blakely’s Kids

Falicia Blakely, an exotic dancer, and the murderer are receiving life sentences without the possibility of parole. Based on Falicia’s true story, When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story was nominated in 2018 for Outstanding Television Movie, Limited Series, or Dramatic Special and Outstanding Writing in a Television Movie, Documentary, or Special. Check About Falicia Blakely’s Kids

Who is Falicia Blakely,’s Son?

Blakely was born in Jacksonville, Florida. Her father was absent from her life because he was in and out of prison, and her mother was also not a consistent presence, so Blakely spent much of her time with her grandmother. Blakely went to Atlanta with her mother as a teenager to begin a new life.

Following their relocation, Blakely fell pregnant. She became a nudist at a nightclub after obtaining a fake ID, and she gave birth to her kid when she was around 17 years old. “Man,” as she referred to her son, was only two years old when Blakely was arrested in 2002, making him nearly seventeen years old today.

Now, rumors indicate that Falicia Blakely’s son is an aspiring soccer player with a promising future. Some believed that Blakely’s narrative was too complex for her kid to comprehend at such a young age, but Blakely believed that her son needed to know the truth.

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Falicia Blakely Daughter

She wished for him to comprehend why his mother was incarcerated and not with him. Author Sereniti Hall chose to write a tale based on Blakey’s life and the actual events surrounding the killings.

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A Treacherous Scheme was recently published and is now available for purchase. Regarding Blakely’s son: He agrees with his mother that she should be honest with him about everything. Hall stated in an interview, “She discussed everything with him, including the book and the film. He assured her that despite everything, he still loves her.

Ameshia Elvin, her accomplice, was also given a life sentence, but she was allowed parole after testifying against Blakely. The two were caught at a diner after they were discovered driving the car of a murdered man.

Falicia Blakely Daughter

In the film, Falicia Blakely is the mother of a girl and a small son.

Blakely quickly became pregnant after moving to Atlanta. She danced continuously throughout her pregnancy.

In 2002, when she was jailed, her son was just 2 years old. This indicates that her sole child is 16 years old.

Her kid, whom Blakely calls “Man,” is a promising soccer player. Two individuals are in close proximity to each other. In fact, her son is intimately familiar with all of his mother’s anecdotes.

Falicia hopes that her son will become a good guy with a promising future. Regardless, we currently know little about him.

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What Happened To Falicia Blakely’s Child?

In 2002, when Falicia Blakely was brought into jail, her kid was just two years old. Her son has turned into a talented soccer player with a promising future.

Even though the exact date of his birth has not yet been disclosed, her son, was born in 2000.

Blakely believed it was important for her infant to understand why his mother was incarcerated, even though he was too young to comprehend the circumstances.

To attain this objective, she cooperated with Sereniti Hall, who wrote A Dangerous Hustle and included her life story within its pages. It offers her enormous satisfaction to discover that her son is living a fulfilled existence.

Falicia Blakely Daughter

While building her career, she developed feelings for a man whose true identity remained unknown to the general public. In addition to assaulting Falicia, her lover compelled her and another dancer, Ameshia Ervin, to carry out his filthy deeds, which included robbery and murder. Falicia belonged to the dancing troupe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When LVE kills Falicia Blakely, Is this Story Based on a True Event?

A Look At The Actual Falicia Blakely, The Actual Dino, And What Was Left Out Of The Film. Recently, TV One debuted “When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story,” a film based on the true story of exotic teen dancer-turned-murderer Falicia Blakely.

2. What was Falicia Blakely’s Age?

Falicia Blakely, a 34-year-old woman serving three life sentences for murdering three men by age 19, has a story that will forever be remembered by a captivating television film.

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3. How Long Did Falicia Blakely Serve?

After pleading guilty to pulling the trigger in the murders, Blakely was given three consecutive life sentences without parole eligibility. Armeshia Ervin, a co-conspirator and fellow stripper, was given a life sentence with parole eligibility in 2024.


Falicia Blakely is seen as the mother of both a daughter and a young son. In addition to her daughter, she also has a son.

Soon after settling down to her new home in Atlanta, Blakely announced that she was expecting a child. She maintained her dance routine even though she was pregnant.

In the year 2002, when she was taken into custody, her son was just two years old. This indicates that her one and only child is sixteen years old at this point.

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