Eleceed Chapter 155: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Eleceed Chapter 155 will release on the 27th of August 2021. “Eleceed” is a webcomic about Jiwoo, a kindhearted cat lover, and the Great Kayden.

It was written by Jeho Son, the creator of Noblesse, and illustrated by ZHENA, who previously produced Girls of The Wild.


The Plot of Eleceed

The Awakened are a group of humans with extraordinary talents who live underground in the shadows of modern society. Many separate Awakened clans exist to maintain secrets and harmony. The most powerful Awakened, however, the Great Kayden, is a lone wolf. Someone manages to ambush him and wound him one day, and this comes back to bite him. Kayden disguises himself as a cat he sees nearby to hide and recover. He’s currently stranded.

Jiwoo is a regular high school student who adores cats and frequently takes in stray cats. When he meets Kayden and offers him a home, Kayden quickly recognizes that Jiwoo understands him. Jiwoo is Awakened, but he is utterly oblivious of the hidden society in which he and others live, and he lacks training. Kayden then chooses Jiwoo to be his apprentice. Both Jiwoo and Kayden attend Awakened Academy.

Eleceed Chapter 155

About Awakened Academy

The Awakened Academy is a brand-new place that has only recently been constructed. It is in its first year of operation. Its goal is to strengthen South Korea’s awakeners by having strong awakeners train young awakeners. On the recommendation of the organizational leaders, independent and linked awakeners are invited to attend.

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Independent awakeners, on the other hand, appear to be treated poorly and obtain inadequate educations, as the school focuses its efforts primarily on linked awakeners to fulfill its mission. Principle Seongik Han, who was renowned as South Korea’s first ranking awakener before his retirement, leads the Awakened Academy. The Academy’s professors are drawn from a variety of South Korean organizations.

Eleceed Chapter 155Eleceed Chapter 155 Release Date and Read Online

Chapter 155 is expected to release on next Friday, August 27, 2021, if there are no delays. Fans can read the webtoon of the official website for free.

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