You Are My Spring Episode 15: Release Date and Watch Online

You are my Spring episode 15 is scheduled to release on August 23, 2021. You can stream the show on Netflix. Fans are excited about the new episode.

You are my Spring is a South Korean romantic drama that takes a sharp and unexpected turn into becoming a murder mystery a few episodes in. The show has gained a massive fan following all around the globe, thanks to its absorbing storyline and the global reach that a platform like Netflix offers.

The show has a strong IMDB rating and the reviews are even better. It is the perfect show to binge-watch on a weekend with your friends and family.You are my Spring episode 15

About You are my Spring:

Kang Da Jeong is a very diligent employee of a five-star hotel. Her commitment and dedication towards her job get her promoted to the post of manager very early in her career. One fine day, she meets Dr. Joo Young Do, who is a psychiatrist. He helps other people heal from the scars of their past but failed to do so for himself.

What follows is a cute romance that blossoms amongst them, but the happiness that surrounds them fade away as they get entrapped in a puzzling murder case.

Previously on the show:

Dr. Joo Young Do and Kang Da Jeong get back together after a brief break. They want to spend as much time together as possible to indemnify for the time they weren’t together. Their feelings for each other grow even intense than before and their bond becomes even stronger. Meanwhile, Ian Chase digs deeper into the past of her crush, Da-Jeong.

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You are my Spring episode 15 Where to stream the show?

You are my Spring is a Korean drama that premiered on TVN, which is a South Korean TV channel. Lately, the streaming rights of the show have been bought by Netflix so you can stream all the episodes on the aforementioned video streaming platform.You are my Spring episode 15

You are my Spring episode 15 Release Date 

You are my Spring season 1, episode 15 is scheduled to release on August 23, 2021. Just 5 days before you can stream the latest episode of your favorite show.

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