The Detective is Already Dead Episode 8: Release Date & Watch Online

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 8 is expected to be released on August 22, 2021. The Detective is Already Dead is a light novel series by Nigozyu.

The series is published on the MF Bunko J label of Media Factory. The Detective Is Already Dead was published in English by Yen Press, in print since 29 June 2021.

The Plot of The Detective is Already Dead 

A young man, Kimihiko Kimizuka, was assistant to a mysterious “Siesta” detective on a hijacked plane four years ago. Kimihiko and Siesta together went on mentally stunning, global adventures in their struggle against a secret organization, but all this came to a close when Siesta’s death separated them.

Today Kimihiko tries to get home as a secondary school student in an ordinary boring life, but things are never that easy, although the detective is already dead. Now, Kimihiko has met a girl with an unheard-of likeness to his ex-boss.

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 8

What Happened in Episode 7

Detective Episode 7 is now dead The “Someday I’ll remember this day” episode is based on a chapter in the short novel of the same name.

From the beginning of the series, fans know that there’s a particular bond between the detective duo. Besides, after his heart transplant, Kimizuka’s natural impulses have made things worse. The Otaku is also testified to by Kimizuka who is wounded by Siesta.

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We all know the inevitable is just being delayed by Kimizuka and Siesta. We all know more than meets the eye. We all know. For a dark reason, Siesta and Kimizuka both don’t confess each other’s feelings.

The episode develops in conjunction with them on the case of Chameleon. The duo will set out for their strange and tremendous adversary to collect more intelligence.

That could be what the fans need. This could give them some time to convey their feelings and their days behind each other.

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 8

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 8  Release Date and Where to Watch Online

The release date for the Detective is Already Dead Episode 8 is August 22 at 9:30 PM JST. The episode is titled “With That, We Set out on a Journey Once Again.” You could watch it on Funimation and Wakanim.

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