Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89: Release date and Read manga online

Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89 is expected to release soon. Nagatoro-san, alternatively known as Please Don’t toy with Me Nagatoro.

Nagatoro-san, alternatively known as Please Don’t toy with Me Nagatoro or Miss Nagatoro, is a Japanese manga series that has been adapted into an anime-only recently. The manga series has received a lot of appreciation, especially from teenagers and youngsters of the anime community who are also fans of genres like romance and comedy. Let us now take a brief look at the plot of the said manga.

Plot Summary:

Miss Nagatoro, a sadistic school girl who develops feelings for her classmate and a former target of her ruthless bullying. Our shy protagonist, who goes by the title “Senpai” is a high school student who prefers the silence and comfort of loneliness over the chaos and disorder that arises in huge gatherings or parties. The two of them are poles apart, yet they fall for each other.

This unique love story with an undertone of comedy has attracted worldwide attention lately since its anime adaptation got released on April 11, 2021.Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89

Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89 Where to read the manga online?

Although the manga is available on various platforms, the websites/online platforms listed below offer the best print, translations, and many other benefits:

  • Mangakakalot.com
  • Nagatoromanga.com
  • Isekai Scan
  • lordmanga.com

The English-translated version of the manga series is available on the websites mentioned above for free. Other than that, if you wish to buy the paperback version, then consider searching for it on Amazon or other online stores.Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89

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Miss Nagatoro Chapter 89 Release date 

Fans eagerly await the upcoming chapter 89 of Miss Nagatoro. There have been no official updates or announcements regarding the official date of release as of now, but the chapter is expected to come out soon. We all hope that the upcoming chapters live up to the hype and expectations, just like the previous ones did.


A story of romance that flourishes between two people who are poles apart seems very appealing to those who are fond of rom-coms and other related genres. Miss Nagatoro is by far one of the best rom-com manga series that we have come across. That is why fans are so eager to know what the creators have in store for them and they are curious to know how the story will advance further. We all hope that the waiting period is almost over.

Till then, stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for further updates.

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